Apps for diabetics

Three very good looking apps for the iphone. iPhone MD: Three useful Apps for diabetics      For those living with Diabetes, the App Store has three Apps which can aid diabetics in keeping tabs of their daily activities:Diabetes LogDiabetes Log was developed by Chris Ross, a Type-1 diabetic who desired a convenient application that tracked all…… Continue reading Apps for diabetics

Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Numeric Keypad

NumberKey: Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Numeric Keypad | Mark’s Technology NewsHere’s a neat solution for both on-the-go number-crunchers and gamers alike. Called the NumberKey, it is an iPhone App which displays an elegant numeric keypad and wirelessly transmits touchscreen keystrokes to your MacBook or MacBook Pro.NumberKey was developed by Balmuda Design for people…… Continue reading Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Numeric Keypad