Pulitzer Center projects – India Casts a Light on Mothers Long in the Dark

Reporter Hanna Ingber Win will travel with boat clinics along the Brahmaputra River to visit remote villages that do not have electricity, toilets or roads, let alone health services. In Muslim island villages, families marry off their daughters as young as 12 years old, taking them out of school, isolating them from their support services…… Continue reading Pulitzer Center projects – India Casts a Light on Mothers Long in the Dark

About | CommonHealth.in

During the three years since its formation, CommonHealth has implemented a wide range of activities to further its objectives. While maintaining maternal and newborn health and safe abortion as its focus, the activities undertaken within these themes have varied in response to the situation at hand. For example, activities around maternal health were mainly around…… Continue reading About | CommonHealth.in

Visible Embryo Home Page

The Visible Embryo is a visual guide through fetal development from fertilization through pregnancy to birth. As the most profound physiologic changes occur in the “first trimester” of pregnancy, these Carnegie stages are given prominence on the birth spiral. The shape and location of embryonic interal structures and how they relate and are connected to…… Continue reading Visible Embryo Home Page

The Fate of Our Mothers: A Maternal Health Crisis | RHRealityCheck.org

According to Women Deliver, a conference and initiative launched earlier this year to mark the 20th anniversary of the Safe Motherhood Initiative (PDF), maternal mortality is defined as “the death of a pregnant woman during her pregnancy or within 42 days of pregnancy termination.” And there has been very little decline in the rate of…… Continue reading The Fate of Our Mothers: A Maternal Health Crisis | RHRealityCheck.org

The Sentinel

The 108 services were launched in Assam with a fleet of 20 ambulances on November 6, 2008 following an agreement between the GVK EMRI and the Assam Government on July 8, 2008. At present, 280 GVK EMRI ambulances cover various districts of the State. The EMT pilots have demanded that their jobs be made permanent…… Continue reading The Sentinel

Emergency Ambulance ‘EMRI’ hit Satyam Scam?

Those who have been crying foul against various state governments patronising the ‘108’ EMRI ambulance service have now lodged a fresh police complaint alleging theft of public money by the Rajus through EMRI. The ‘108’ ambulance service has curiously been patronised by 12 state governments across the country, with eight handpicking it without even floating…… Continue reading Emergency Ambulance ‘EMRI’ hit Satyam Scam?

Assam – aspects of health investment

Innovative initiatives in the health sector were appreciated. These include boat clinics in riverine areas, 108 ambulance services, private-public-partnerships with the tea gardens for providing health services in the gardens, mobile clinics in inaccessible areas, evening OPDs, and the 2 new schemes – Mamoni for pregnant women and Majoni for the first 2 girl children…… Continue reading Assam – aspects of health investment

Tata Winger Variants –Standard, Deluxe & Luxury Passenger Vehicles

New Winger Ambulance from Tata Motors is a single stretcher ambulance that offers extra safety, a smooth drive, and a ‘within budget’ price. It gives you the freedom to redesign the interiors, for your own Hospital-on-Wheels. And it comes in two variants – Flat Roof and High Roof. via Tata Winger Variants –Standard, Deluxe &…… Continue reading Tata Winger Variants –Standard, Deluxe & Luxury Passenger Vehicles

Making Sense of New Maternal Mortality Numbers: Four Take-Aways for Policy and Research Action | Nandini Ooomman | Global Health Policy

Personally, I’m tired of reading the same old rants about policy and planning and what governments and donors should do to reduce maternal deaths. Other than more and better evaluation to find out how and why packages of interventions work, why not try something new like the COD Aid idea from my colleagues at CGD?…… Continue reading Making Sense of New Maternal Mortality Numbers: Four Take-Aways for Policy and Research Action | Nandini Ooomman | Global Health Policy

Maternal Deaths Decline Sharply Across the Globe – NYTimes.com

For the first time in decades, researchers are reporting a significant drop worldwide in the number of women dying each year from pregnancy and childbirth, to about 342,900 in 2008 from 526,300 in 1980. The findings, published in the medical journal The Lancet, challenge the prevailing view of maternal mortality as an intractable problem that…… Continue reading Maternal Deaths Decline Sharply Across the Globe – NYTimes.com

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