Product Design Employer – Melbourne

Raph Goldworthy – the CEO of DESIGN DROPLETS – posted this in a facebook group: “Who is the biggest industrial design/product design employer in Melbourne ? Post the name of the place and the number of id/pd peeps currently employed there.” If you have information to add – please post it as a comment here.

We have to change the world

Or so goes the sentiment in”design thinking” – and well its possible. Or alternately – let look back to see how we HAVE changed the world. From 2004 till now we (my colleagues and I) have shaped 321 minds and put them out into this city, Melbourne. Of these, lets say for the sake of…… Continue reading We have to change the world

Melting Human Flesh

This one is for Barbara – I was at this public event and someone comes up to you and says, ‘hey that thing, that bunker thing. I am watching that space for ideas’. It felt good. For the faint voice is committed to stay hidden and only talk about the small and the hidden.If you…… Continue reading Melting Human Flesh


I live 45 kms to the south of Kinglake and about 30 kms from Whittlesea. So the fire and the tragedy felt really close. We heard yesterday that Sue, my daughter’s class teacher from a few years ago, was safe. But a friend of┬átheirs┬áhad lost everything – so we pitched in with some clothes and…… Continue reading Support

‘Dig deep’ for bushfire victims

‘Dig deep’ for bushfire victims, Australians urged – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)The Victorian Premier John Brumby has launched a Bushfire Appeal Fund to help the victims of the more than 400 bushfires which have swept across the state.The Victorian Government and the Federal Government will donate $4 million to the appeal, in addition to…… Continue reading ‘Dig deep’ for bushfire victims

Research Publication – five years on

Looks like an interesting document. See – Five Years On. Victoria’s Design Sector 2003-2008 “5 December, 2008, Join us for the launch of the research publication that will provide a valuable knowledge bank on Victoria’s design sector.”

Another year comes to an end

Its November – and I have finished my teaching for the year. So I am not thinking of my students – but am focussing upon the world of ideas. Typically in this period I reconnect with the core of by practice. I was asked yesterday – what my dreams these days are. I said I…… Continue reading Another year comes to an end

The Corporation Game: Learning and Teaching Evaluation

Industrial Design, Semester 2, 2005 Background The Corporation Game (CG) was a studio conducted in Semester 2 for first year Industrial Design students. The studio was different to usual studios in the program in that its learning objectives were not solely focused on developing technical skills and determining a design solution to a problem or…… Continue reading The Corporation Game: Learning and Teaching Evaluation

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