small men … given unfettered power and authority, … do incompetent, stupid, and evil things

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (January 25, 2009) – The Bush-Cheney WreckageI’m reminded of something John Cole said the other day: “The moral of this story is not the danger for Obama going forward with his Gitmo decommissioning, the moral is that when venal, shallow, small men are given unfettered power and authority,…… Continue reading small men … given unfettered power and authority, … do incompetent, stupid, and evil things

Hear hear

First Words and Deeds—By Scott Horton (Harper’s Magazine)We are not witnessing the articulation of a new “Obama doctrine.” Rather it is the triumph of tradition and experience over eight years of aberrant bad judgment.

Generation O

I missed this by a decade – even though I went for Obama. So its not about people like me.Word Spy – Generation On. The generation of people approximately 18 to 35 years old who voted for or supported Barack Obama in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.Example Citations:Generation O is that college kid at the…… Continue reading Generation O

Obama slogan for the ultra right Uma dreams of becoming India’s ObamaBharatiya Janshakti Party president Uma Bharti’s latest slogan is “Yes we can”. It worked for Obama, Uma is now asking, why wont it do wonders for her too?”When I saw him taking oath, you cannot believe I thought I was taking oath. I felt I have become President of…… Continue reading Obama slogan for the ultra right

Does Obama Really “Get” Innovation? Not Really

I have in recent days been looking at curricula in design schools all over. You would have seen posts here about how service design is the management-wallahs (and there are many among us in design who find management a big turn on) gaining prominence, how interaction design is the computer-science-wallahs gaining prominence (and their position…… Continue reading Does Obama Really “Get” Innovation? Not Really

Another year comes to an end

Its November – and I have finished my teaching for the year. So I am not thinking of my students – but am focussing upon the world of ideas. Typically in this period I reconnect with the core of by practice. I was asked yesterday – what my dreams these days are. I said I…… Continue reading Another year comes to an end

Obama White House Wishlist: ‘Office of Social Entrepreneurship’

Social Entrepreneurship – Obama White House Wishlist: ‘Office of Social Entrepreneurship’The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported yesterday that influential progressive think tanks New Democracy Fund and the Center for American Progress are advocating for the creation of a White House Office for Social Entrepreneurship.While Obama had advocated for a Social Entrepreneurship Agency on the campaign…… Continue reading Obama White House Wishlist: ‘Office of Social Entrepreneurship’


In june I took the you tube video soundtrack and made a ring tone out of it. Obama made me acquire skills in Audacity. I sent it to some friends and colleagues – and they looked at me oddly. Needless to say – my plan for a viral campaign where the public spaces of…… Continue reading Obama-Man

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