Montreal has Bixi and a Great Bike Lane System

TreeHuggerAs noted before, Montreal has its own public bike-sharing programme, Bixi, which is proving to be a great success with 3,000 bicycles in 30 different locations.But Montreal was already a cycling-friendly city, with the Bixis complementing an already energetic scene. Not that many people seem to wear helmets but the city’s highly sophisticated system of…… Continue reading Montreal has Bixi and a Great Bike Lane System

The Suitcase Bike

The Suitcase Bike: It’s Real! : TreeHuggerFrom China comes this bike that can transform itself into a suitcase. There was some doubt whether this bike would actually be produced, but now we’ve heard that it’s in production (see photos below) and will be available sometime later this year. A prototype of the bike was on…… Continue reading The Suitcase Bike

Electric bike

Schwinn’s New Line of Electric Bikes : TreeHuggerDo not attempt to adjust your monitor, this is really a picture of an electric bike. Schwinn’s new electric bikes are probably the slickest and most smoothly integrated set of power-assisted velocipedes we’ve yet seen. Schwinn teamed up with Protanium Inc. to develop a whole series of rides…… Continue reading Electric bike