Lever-driven folding bike called the Zoomla

Bicycle Design: Zoomla folding bike Many of you will recognize the name Eric Stoddard. He is the guy who recently wrote three excellent guest posts here at Bicycle Design about his impressions of the Taipei Bicycle Show. Eric has an interesting new design that he just added to his website. It is a small-wheeled, lever-driven…… Continue reading Lever-driven folding bike called the Zoomla

Drawing and bicycles

Cicli su Carta – Drawing and bicyclesI’ve always liked drawing. And I like riding bicycles. Drawing bicycles was the simplest way to put these two passions together.I like lightweight racing bicycles. I prefer traditional lugged steel frames, masterpieces built with an exquisite craftmanship increasingly difficult to find.The bicycles that I like most are the beautifully…… Continue reading Drawing and bicycles