Poster Exhibition at The Sustainable Cities Round Table

The projects done for the Campaign Projects 2008 are to be exhibited at the The Sustainable Cities Round Table this wednesdy at 6 PM. Be there for a chat. Some of the studenst will be there to talk about their projects. The Sustainable Cities Round Table on Healthy Cities Village Roadshow Theatrette, The State Library…… Continue reading Poster Exhibition at The Sustainable Cities Round Table

Devaux Cars

David Clash a graduate of RMIT – Industrial Design makes these cars!

What will the car of the future look like?

Imagine this: Sometime in the future – private ownership of cars may be curtailed. Car will then be shared but not owned. This will fundamentally change the way companies think of and develop cars. Cars will not be seen as possessions but as modes of transport. Cars will in short be PUBLIC TRANSPORT. What then…… Continue reading What will the car of the future look like?

Volkswagen 2028

Volkswagen 2028 > Volkswagen Company > Volkswagen Company > Volkswagen Australia The cars of the future: innovations are coming Cars won’t be able to fly in the year 2028, but we’ll experience vehicles that communicate with traffic lights and other vehicles, that you can control using words and that have the necessary intelligence to find…… Continue reading Volkswagen 2028

Cars that avoid collisions

YouTube – World Tech Update n this week’s show: We take Nissan’s high-tech cars for a spin, Steve Jobs grills employees over MobileMe, riding Toyota’s robotic transporter, new rules for gadgets at U.S. ports and news on upco…

Petrol Prices and Social divide

Social gap widens from outer to inner Melbourne | SUBURBIA is bearing the brunt of rising fuel prices and extreme mortgage stress, a major study of Australian cities has found. Governments must step in to provide outer suburbs with better public transport or risk extreme social breakdown, it warned. The report, Unsettling Suburbia, for…… Continue reading Petrol Prices and Social divide

Retrofitting Hybrids

I like this as I think it is a welcome boost to reusing old cars – and my favourite Austin Chummy from 1929 – with an electric wheel. Strap-On Hybrid Kit Coming This Fall | Sustainable Life Media July 25, 2008 – Soon you may be able to turn your non-electric vehicle into a hybrid…… Continue reading Retrofitting Hybrids

Share your car

Press Release Car sharing is becoming popular with the advent of high fuel prices and local people are being invited to join a car-sharing scheme set up by Kirklees Council. As well as reduce travel costs, the scheme will help to reduce congestion and pollution in the area and will ease pressure on parking spaces.…… Continue reading Share your car

On Designing

I have been strugling with a paradigm shift where students learn to design artefacts – from a more or less ‘product design’ perspective. In time, and in specific circumstances this practice – which is intensely analytical and re-design focussed – adds interaction design ideology on to its practice, and thus privileges the focus group and…… Continue reading On Designing

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