Soumitri in 2016

Design is vehicle for change. A Design Project can be a campaign. In a furiously online world I see design projects as either a first step towards a business venture or a campaign that changes the way people think. Design innovations can change the way we deal with ageing and death. Design projects can change…… Continue reading Soumitri in 2016

Flower-lined streets had fewer burglaries

Flower Power Thwarts Burglars in Japan : TreeHuggerStudies have shown that hospital patients make a speedier recovery when they have a exposure to living vegetation, like trees and flowers. And certainly great metropoli are made even more liveable by their extensive parks and gardens. Now it seems that plants can also deter burglars. Sort of.Suginami,…… Continue reading Flower-lined streets had fewer burglaries

Curriculum Design

Just some eye candy on this subject – Papanek’s sketch. I made the draft for three curricula – courses in Social Design, Service Design and Social Innovation. I am imagining that at this point the object trajectory of design is one path. The dematerialized is another way entirley. The difference in the two paths is…… Continue reading Curriculum Design

2009 project

Theme: Social Innovation and Service Design My practice is in the area of sustainability – which I articulate as the development of projects that look at material and systemic sustainability in Industrial Design Projects. A lot of these projects are speculative and propositional so located in the future. I work with a set of defined…… Continue reading 2009 project

The opportunities in an Economic Downturn for Designers

I keep hearing of people being laid off – Designers are losing their jobs in the current downturn. So what do they do. I have a few ideas for things you can do as you wait for the economy to turn around: 1. Go back to uni and do a Masters degree. So you get…… Continue reading The opportunities in an Economic Downturn for Designers

Sustainable Innovation: The Organizational, Human, and Knowledge Dimensions

Sustainable Innovation: The Organizational, Human, and Knowledge Dimensions | Discovery FuelProblematically, most contemporary patterns of innovation in human social systems and organisations are not sustainable. This prevents people from learning effectively, from recognising and solving their problems, and from operating in sustainable ways. It is arguably why societies, businesses and industries around the world are…… Continue reading Sustainable Innovation: The Organizational, Human, and Knowledge Dimensions


d.light – About UsThe use of kerosene lamps has caused countless disabilities and loss of lives. Kerosene lamps are a poor and unreliable source of light that emit smoke and create unhealthy home environments. They depend on kerosene fuel, which is expensive for the rural family. There are 1.6 billion people worldwide who still use…… Continue reading D-Light

KICKING GOALS – CHANGING LIVES: Discussions about homelessness, poverty, social entrepreneurship and making a change

Series Venue:  BMW Edge at Federation Square, Melbourne Series Moderator:  Ms Tracee Hutchison, a writer, broadcaster, reporter for ABC TV’s 7.30 Report and Saturday Age Opinion columnist. FREE ENTRY CONVERSATION ONE Wednesday 3 December – Kicking Goals – Changing Lives A discussion with young people about street soccer, crime, homelessness, poverty, achievement against the odds…… Continue reading KICKING GOALS – CHANGING LIVES: Discussions about homelessness, poverty, social entrepreneurship and making a change

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