Take a look at “view2gether”: a new entrant into the online video scene. As they say about themselves: View2gether is the world’s premiere online video sharing platform developed with Social Viewing in mind. The View2gether site and the View2gether White Label Platform integrate content from the best online video sharing sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace and our White Label Partners.

Also see Chris Adams (CEO View2gether) on social viewing here.Tags:

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Social Innovation Examples

Image from Fitted for work site

I am keen to make and publicise a list of ‘social Innovation’ case studies located in Melbourne Australia.

These may be projects/ companies/ ventures/ initiatives/ and other such collectives formed for social good – with or without a profit motive.

Can you give me examples to add to my list? I have a list here which I am keen to add to …

  1. Lentil As Anything
  2. Clothing Exchange
  3. Fitted for Work
  4. Melbourne Community Farmers Market
  5. Flexicar car share
  6. PTUA
  7. Greenline Organic Direct
  8. Waverly Patch
  9. Victorian Quilters
  10. Victorian Feltmakers
  11. Tiffins
  12. Sustainable Living Foundation
  13. 100 Mile Cafe
  14. Nappie Wash
  15. Meals on Wheels
  16. (Shopping bus for elderly)
  17. Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  18. Moroccan soup bar
  19. Get up
  20. CERES – Mushroom, and Bike shed
  21. Amway
  22. Tupperware
  23. Group Self Build – (Build your own home)
  24. Westwyk
  25. Shifting Space
  26. Dulaiwurrong Eco Village Eltham
  27. Community Gardens (VEIL Map)
  28. (Communes)
  29. Salvation Army
  30. Informal Sector ( Wind Screen washing)
  31. Toy Library
  32. The Ethical Consumer Group
I am also looking for examples of:
  1. Artists Collectives
  2. Health Collectives
  3. Community Gardens
  4. Seeds Collectives
  5. Aged Care

Or to use the categories of ‘creative communities’ – I would like to add examples from each of these categories.

  1. Housing
  2. Working
  3. Socialising
  4. Learning
  5. Commuting
  6. Eating

If you know of any interesting examples I could add to this list – do add it below as a comment or email me.

Are Bloggers non-professional?

Stehen Cohen in his blog comments:

The false dichotomy of the schism between the professional journalists, journalism educators and academics and the world of new media, particularly as embodied by bloggers prevails. It seems largely perpetuated by a somewhat chauvinistic attitude on the part of some professional journalists who cling to the notion that a blogger, no matter how good a writer and reporter of information that they might be, is still something to be looked down upon as a non-professional by large parts of the profession of journalism.

This attitude was brought home particularly strongly by The Australian’s Jane Schulze who evidenced a particularly disdainful attitude towards bloggers, and Deakin University’s Stephen Quinn, who was surprised when I exploded from the audience with a vehement “yes” to his question whether, if an “amateur”, doing the same work and equipped with the tools of a journalist, ought to be considered to be doing journalism without having been properly trained, authorised and edited.

It is true that the functional discourse – you work for money – struggles to comprehend bloggers.

Social Media for Enterprises

Social media is used by people in the audiovisual business and the IT businesses to extend their business. Then Obama’s campaign did that – plus it energised the youtubers to take images/videos of Obama and extend that into clips of him dancing. In this context here is a goal: “The key to leveraging social media in the Enterprise is the empowering of customers with the ability to engage in the viral marketing of that company’s products and/or services.Leverage the power of the passionate customer and that customer will contribute their energy and their reputation in building the buzz and extending the reach of the company to their own friends in their social circles. Understanding this and empowering this is core in order for Enterprises to be successful in their outbound social media efforts.” More

Then 5 steps to social media for business. See