Word Spy – philanthrocapitalismn. Philanthropy that uses the principles, models, and techniques of capitalism. Also: philanthro-capitalism. [Blend of philanthropy and capitalism.]—philanthrocapitalist n.Example Citations:Much of the strength of the philanthrocapitalism movement lies in the effort to remodel the philanthropic paradigm, and to offer a new vocabulary, a new mind-set, and new mechanisms for approaching traditional work.…… Continue reading Philanthrocapitalism


Word Spy – netrootsn. A grassroots movement that uses the Internet to communicate, organize, and raise money. Also: Netroots.Example Citations:Democratic congressional candidate Darcy Burner … followed her husband to Washington state in 1998 when he was hired at Microsoft; she landed a job there in 2000, working as a marketing manager dealing in network architecture…… Continue reading Netroots

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“mug me” earphones

Word Spy: “mug me” earphones”mug me” earphonesn. The distinctive white cord and earbuds associated with the often-stolen Apple iPod digital music player. Also: mug-me earphones.Example Citations:Police call iPod assaults an epidemic, not unlike the spate of violent swarmings in the 1990s where the prizes were expensive running shoes and jackets. But iPods are more valued…… Continue reading “mug me” earphones