The Second Pancreas


The Second Pancreas refers to the affordances and practices outside of the body. That are set up to emulate the functioning of the pancreas. The Project has been visualized as an ‘actor’ focussed upon enabling enhanced agency in the person with diabetes.

Affordances and Practices

Part A Quantified Self

Refers to the technological project of gathering Data and Self Managing ones Diabetes. The sub-projects in this section are:

A1. Data Project

The body of the person with Diabetes currently produces a lot of body related, time coded, data. The existence of data makes possible action, suggestions, to change patterns of behaviour. Currently the focus has shifted to AI, and the stress is upon improved diagnostics. Is there another way to imagine and activate the data for health outcomes of specific patients?

A2. Interaction Design Project

How can physical computing, hardware devices, and sensors be imagined to provide a smart medical home environment or home appliances to help people with diabetes?

A3. Artificial Pancreas-Virtual Pancreas

Refers to the fact that a missing pancreas requires an ecosystem of medications, insulin, health training of patients and diets to compensate – and approximate the functioning of a health pancreas.

A4. Wearable and Apps

Wearables and Apps provide the potential to transform health outcomes. For Type A personalities this is indeed true. How do we activate this category to solutions to work for other categories, or specific categories of people?

Part A: Field of Research Links

Reimaging the ‘glucometer station’

Part B Care of the Self

Refers to the ‘life style change’ that is required to address diabetes. To realise a weight loss, a body sensitive diet, an exercise regime and a reduction of harmful consumptions. That said Care of the Self come easy to some, that have discipline and the ability to take action towards future goals. It is however hard for others that do not have the mental self-discipline, or the ability to change their circumstances. The subprojects in this section are:

B1. New Traditions/ New languages

Moving beyond the medicalisation of diabetes is the proposition that the care of the self has be imagined as a ‘way’ that is culturally constructed. A practice, a new tradition – and thus new ways of doing many things.

B2. Supportive Care App

Similar to the Health Codesign Project that produced the Pancreatic Cancer App.

B3. Venture

Is a speculative category that asks if there is a collaborative consumption or peer to peer business model (AirBnB, Uber) that can connect Patients/ People with Diabetes with Peers that can help them manage their conditions towards improved health outcomes.

Field of Research Links