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My research draws on the knowledge domains of, and practice modes of,  social science, engineering and industrial design. My research projects therefore, describe a hybrid practice comprising ethnography and field work, scenario visualization and action research leading to artefacts for manufacture and serial production. Philosophically my projects question the positivist stance of engineering and technology, privilege and re-center the poetics of culture and traditions, and enact a bodily embedded research and visualization in partnership with affected communities.

My current research projects demonstrate a maturation of my focus upon marginalisations within healthcare and the social construction of the medicalized body.

  • My research practice is activated by a desire and ideology to participate in the transformation of the lives of individuals and the living conditions of groups.
  • My Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) orientated health care projects focus upon the bodies of individuals, such as the indigenous body or the bodies of those located in remote, rural and poor contexts and the challenges of maintaining a viable physical body within settings of marginalizations.
  • My research practice is characterized by the existence of strong and enduring relationships with my collaborators within industry and communities.  I privilege the planting of an innovation culture within partner organisations through engagements on multiple levels such as: using the problems set by industry in undergraduate education, embedding honours and PhD students within industry, setting up honorary positions for faculty and establishing long term grant funded projects to help organisations innovate and transform their product and service offerings.
  • I build and maintain long projects that I approach as campaigns for transformation. Informed by empirical knowledge of working with remote and rural NGOs, my work in learning and teaching, pedagogy theory, is motivated by a desire to transform our learning ecosystems and to reactivate the learning journey of individuals as a central concern of institutions.

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Re Byline: Byla ne byla

Russian Proverb.

  • Translation: There was — there wasn’t.
  • Meaning: Whatever the consequences can be — I’ll try it!
  • Of course this is similar to “Que sera sera”, whatever will be, will be.
  • And a longer discussion by a blogger here.