Still no Solution

The predicted integration of software and hardware for creating a digital double of the individual – as Larry Smarr imagined it is yet to be realized. The future in Topol’s Deep Medicine is still some distance away. The progress, of iOT devices sending data seamlessly so the individual can be a quantified selfer is slugglishly…… Continue reading Still no Solution

Eliminate the Status Quo

I am teaching a course this semester titled: My Body is a Project. It is a provocative take on the proposition that the Body Ought to be Considered the Commons. I have 18 students in the tutorial. And we have a MSTeams channel for discussion. Natalie* – that question of yours has been buzzing around…… Continue reading Eliminate the Status Quo

Dare we imagine?

The project of domestication While it would be unacceptable to the majority that all schools need to be closed, there was a time on this planet when there were no schools. Children were viewed as ‘wild’ and in need of domestication. Weren’t they beaten with the same cane used on the cattle? Now the cane…… Continue reading Dare we imagine?

What did you cook?

(Since you asked! And since this is quite different from banana bread. Plus I am happy to have you all over or bring this for a feast if that eventuates.) Last night I cooked. It was a Tamil meal. And saw an opportunity to connect back with my roots. My Tamil Iyengar roots. And challenge…… Continue reading What did you cook?

How Craft got Re-Conceived

This is a transcription of a talk. Oral text … 3 NOV 2020 So let’s start from the beginning. You are across two different domains; hypothetically you’re across art and you’re across design. Now art is in the process of making art and the people who make the art are artists. For example, if you…… Continue reading How Craft got Re-Conceived

Remote Rural Poor Women

(Image Source) Narrative Text for a project on Maternal Mortality – (Text from ARC Discovery Submission 2012) This project is based upon the proposition that current practice of service design fails when used to develop services for poor and marginalized communities. Service design is currently centered around urban and affluent contexts. I wish to expand the…… Continue reading Remote Rural Poor Women

The Illicit and the Ad Hoc

(The text Describes the background to my thinking about the Project Nomadic Affordances) The affordance is the thing that’s makes something possible. So there exist a category of affordances that makes nomadicity possible. Flipped around the affordances that we design for “improving the quality of life” or “peoples experiences” are appropriated for nomadic purposes. If…… Continue reading The Illicit and the Ad Hoc

It Matters a Lot Who Teaches Introductory Courses. Here’s Why. – The Chronicle of Higher Education

I am the seniormost, oldest, academic in my area. And I am teaching 1st year – this year and for the next 3 to 5 years. I may have become a bit too excited about this experience – its a place of incredible positive energy. The fact that we manage to suck the life out…… Continue reading It Matters a Lot Who Teaches Introductory Courses. Here’s Why. – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Inside the big fat Indian wedding: conservatism, competition and networks

There were pastitsi’s in the over. It has been the required 10 minutes. The pastitsi’s are still wearing that white frozen pallor. I am waiting for them to get golden. Since everyone has gathered in the dining room. Hovering around the oven. I play ‘Radha’ to dispell the heaviness – and we dance. Which then…… Continue reading Inside the big fat Indian wedding: conservatism, competition and networks

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