Current Funded Research

PanSupport: Development of an experience-based co-design, supportive care app with and for people affected by pancreatic cancer, 2017 Supporting people with cancer, Cancer Council Australia. [2017-2019]

The “Older and Wiser” project: Development of a co-designed, online, supportive care resource for older adults affected by cancer, 2018 Supporting people with cancer, Cancer Council Australia. [2018-2020]

Early Stage Research

  • Cystic Fibrosis: Is the subject of a National Health and Medical Research Council grant application (NHMRC). Outcome awaited.
  • The Indigenous Body: I am currently collaborating/ working on a project that we have titled The Indigenous Body. This project explores our proposition that it ought to be possible to imagine a locally owned Health Service Ecosystem within indigenous communties in Australia. Early project formulations resonated with indigenous health service practitioners. Our questioning of the health outcome gap that exists between urban-affluent and poor-indigenous is articulated in terms that enlarge the discourse of the social determinants of indigenous health outcomes.
  • Maternal Death: In remote & rural communities.
  • Ways of Dying: The Social Construction of the end of life.
  • CoManaged Diabetes: A service ecosystem to assist in the self-management of Diabetes.

Details of the research projects are available at my portfolio site.


  • When Designers have to do Sustainability
  • The Experience of Unhealth: Constructing Health and illness
  • The Project of Industrial Design in India: Tradition and Modernity in Material Culture and Design Practice
  • Pedagogies that Liberate
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